Unit3 I’m more outgoing than my sister


more outgoing更外向 as…as…与…一样… the singing competition唱歌比赛

be similar to与…相像的/类似的 the same as和…相同;与……一致

be different from与…不同 care about关心;介意 be like a mirror像一面镜子

the most important最重要的 as long as只要;既然 bring out使显现;使表现出

get better grades取得更好的成绩 reach for one’s hand伸手帮某人 in fact事实上;实际上

make friends交朋友 the other其他的 touch one’s heart感动某人;令人感动


be talented in music有音乐天赋 be good with善于与…相处

have fun doing sth.享受做某事的乐趣 be good at (doing) sth擅长做某事

make sb. do sth.让某人做某事 want to do sth.想要做某事

as+adj./adv.的原级+as 与…一样… It’s+ adj.+for sb. to do sth.对某人来说做某事…的。



  • 含义:1)大多数形容词和副词有三个等级: 原级、比较级、最高级: good – better - best

2) 比较级:表示两者(人或物)之间的比较。

  • 构成:3)加more/(most )~的情况:①.部分双音节和多音节词;②.-ed/ing结尾的形容词;③adj+ly变成的adv.

4)常见双写末尾辅音字母的词: big hot fat thin red wet sad.

  • 比较级基本句型

1)主语+连系动词+ adj.(比)+than+比较对象. 如: Lucy is slower than Lily.

2)主语+谓语动词+adj./adv(比)+ than+ 比较对象. 如:Lucy runs more slowly than Lily.

  • 比较对象需保持一致:Her hair is longer than yours.(→your hair)
  • 同级比较 :

3) … as+adj./adv.(原级)+as …: 如同…一样… 否定句:… not as/so+adj./adv.(原级)+as …: 不如(不及)…

4) 比较级+and+比较级:越来越… Melania talked more and more loudly.梅拉尼娅说话声音越来越大了.

5)The比较级…,the+比较级…:越…就越… The more exercise you do, the stronger you’ll be.

6) Which / Who is + 比较级, A or B? Which T-shirt is nicer, this one or that one?

7)主语+be+the+比较级+of the( two ): 两者中较…的一个.She was the more hard-working of the twins,.

  • 注意事项:

1) 常用the one代单数可数名词,the ones /those 代替复数名词,that 代替不可数名词.

The book here is newer than the one on the desk.

The apples on the tree are fresher than those/the ones in the box.

The weather in Wuhan is hotter than that in Beijing.武汉的天气比北京热.

2) 比较级前可用数词+名词 表示确定的倍数。

I am (5 years) older than him.The room is (3 times) as large as that one.

3)原级常与very, as,so, too, quite,pretty, really等连用。Im so surprised at it.

4) 比较级常与much, even, far, than, a little, a bit, a lot 等连用.Yaoming is much taller than Hanhan.姚明比韩寒高得多.

5) Than 后的比较状语结构: He runs faster than me/ I (do).(宾格/主格/句子)

2. You can tell that Lisa really wanted to win, though. 然而,你能看得出丽莎真的想赢。

1)tell :讲述: tell a story/lie/joke.

告诉 :tell sb. sth.(不能为it/them)= tell sth. to sb. ; tell sb. (not) to do sth.

辨别;识别:Can you tell the differences between the twins?


② conj. 虽然;尽管;=although与but 不能同时用在一个句子中.


Jack Ma said he would come, he didn’t, though. 他说他要来,可是并没有来。

Though/Although Edison has been dead for many years, many people still remember him.

However,You can tell that Trump really wanted to win.不过你可以看出特朗普的确想获胜.

3. I think friends arelikebooks--- you don’t need a lot of them as long as they’re good.


look like: 看起来像(外貌) what does she look like?---She is pretty tall.

be like: 像(性格,外貌) what’s he like? ---He is outgoing/ serious.

as long as只要;既然,引导条件状语从句.

4.My best friend helps to brings out the best in me. 我最好的朋友帮我激发出我最好的品质.

bring out:使显现;使表现出: The dress brings out the color of her skin.

生产;出版: Walkswagen China brings out a new kind of car in 2018.2018年大众中国又出了一款新车.

bring out the best/worst in sb. 把某人最好(或最坏)的一面表现或显露出来..

5. I know she cares about me because she’s always there to listen (to me).


1).care:(n) 小心;谨慎 Take care! 当心/保重 Cross the road with care.

2) (v.)介意;在乎(=mind) I don’t care what happens.

3)短语:care about: 关心;在意 如:He doesn’t care about anything people say.

care for①关心;照顾 = take care of或look after②喜欢;想要(否或疑) 如:Would you care for a cup of coffee?

4)be there +for sb. 随叫随到;不离左右 如:Parents are always there for children.

+to do sth. 随时准备帮助 如:She is there to work out the problem.

6.I don’t really care if my friends are the same as me or different.


1)if:①是否(宾从=whether)常跟or not连用;如本句.②如果(引导条件状语从句≠whether)

2)same:①adj.相同的.同一的. 常用thesame+n.(+as)

we go to the same school.(七上p29)

I bought the same car as yours.

②pron.相同的事,一样的物(特征). 常用thesame (as)...(本课)

Just do the same as me(I do). 跟着我做就行了.

They’re all the same, because they are twins.她们是双胞胎,所以她们什么都一样.

7.Theybothlike sports. 他们俩都喜欢运动。(both:两个都;用在实动之前,其它动词之后)

You are both too young. They both speak English.

both of ….+名词复数 Both of the flowers are beautiful. 两朵花都很漂亮。

both…and… 两者都… 反义词组:neither…nor…两者都不…

注意:all:都(三者或三者以上); either:两者中任一个;every:每个(三者或三者以上)

8.A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.


reach(vt.)到达,抵达: reach /arrive at /get to the school

伸手(去拿): reach ( out one’s hand) for sth.

与…取得联系: How can I reach you?

达到,实现: reach an agreement达成一致


整体记忆:Reach for one’s hand伸手帮某人一把;touch one’s heart感动某人

9.touch :(v) 接触;触摸:Don’t touch the paint! 油漆勿碰!

触动;感动 I was touched/moved by his words. 我被他的话打动了。

(n)接触;联系: keep in /lose touch with sb. 与...保持失去联系

get in touch with sb. 与...取得联系

10.She made me laugh and feel better. ( laugh at sb. 笑话;取笑某人)

make/let /havesb. do sth. (不带to)= get sb. to do sth. 让/使某人做某事

make+宾语+形容词: 使某人/某事保持某种状态.如:His words make us happy.

11. It’s not easy for me to make friends. (make friends with sb. 与...交朋友)

It’s+adj.+ for sb.+to do sth.: 某人做某事怎么样. (It是形式主语,to do sth.是真正主语)

12.The most important thing is to learn something new and have fun.


13.That’s why I like reading books and I study harder in class.


That’s why+句子:那就是…的原因/那就是为什么…(why从句为表语从句)

14.I always get better grades than he does.我的成绩总是比他好.

grade可数 n.成绩/评分等级;年级 Sam is in the second grade.萨姆读二年级.




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